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Protocols For A Healthy Gut Workbook

  • Take Your Power Back!

    A Protocol Workbook Series

    By: Sangeeta Pati MD, FACOG, ADOIM


    These protocols have been developed and clinically proven in thousands of patients and hundreds of clinics over 15 years. Bought to you by your doctor.


    If you are ready to address causal factors for long-term regeneration, try out the suggestions in this interactive workbook, as an adjunct to completely restoring gut health.
    As much of the nervous system lies in the gut, a coherent heart rhythm is the only long-term solution. This workbook is a step-by-step guide to transforming sub-conscious stressors, and the underlying stress response, through the "simplify life", and "my priorities" exercises. Simple, effective and easy to use. Highly recommended!