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Laptop EMF Radiation Safety & Protection Sleeve

  • Innovation & Versatility

    The DefenderShield® Laptop EMF Radiation Safety & Protection Sleeve is the best laptop radiation sleeve ever created, blocking up to virtually 100% all harmful laptop EMF radiation.

    The DefenderShield® Laptop EMF Radiation Safety & Protection Sleeve is a lightweight, durable carrying case uniquely designed to provide maximum radiation shielding from laptops and to protect your device while on the go.

    The DefenderShield® Laptop EMF Radiation Safety & Protection Sleeve utilizes the only independently tested laptop radiation shielding technology capable of protecting from all forms of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) up to 100%.

    Just place the DefenderShield® Laptop Sleeve between your laptop or other device and your body while using a laptop on your lap to help shield yourself from a broad spectrum of potentially harmful radiation and heat emissions.

    To protect your laptop, notebook computer or tablet while on the go, just slip it into padded compartment to protect your device against damage.

    Features at a Glance:

    • Multiple layers of advanced shielding blocking up to 100% of EMF radiation
    • Light and slim design for easy portability
    • Padded compartment offers protection for your laptop computer while on the go

    Tested by FCC certified labs, its state-of-the-art technology blocks the up to virtually 100% of the full frequency spectrum of harmful Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) from 0-10 GHz which includes:

    • Extremely Low Frequency Radiation (ELF Radiation)
    • WiFi Radiation (RF Radiation)
    • Bluetooth Radiation (RF Radiation)
    • Heat Radiation

    Protective technology combined with a functional, sleek design make the DefenderShield® Laptop Sleeve an ideal replacement for other lap products like lap desks, lap trays, laptop tables and laptop cooling pads. The DefenderShield® Laptop Sleeve is also an excellent shield and protective cover for tablets and notebook computers like the iPad Pro™ and Surface™ Pro.

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