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Clinical Liaison Program

Clinical Liaison Support for Clinical Practices 

MD Prescriptives is excited to announce the Clinical Liaison Program at NO-COST to assist you further in your journey to growing your clinical practice. The focus of this program is to facilitate you and your staff in mastering the application of 6 Regenerative Protocols to your patients. Below you will find the nuts and bolts of what the first 90 days of the program includes. After that, we move into the maintenance phase and can offer help on a case by case basis for up to 6 months. 

The 6 Regenerative Protocols:

Our simplified method for Regenerative Health, known as the 5-Point Model, addresses the mind, body, hormones, nutrients, and toxins. These 6 protocols have been effective in reversing over 85% of all conditions with the least number of steps and capsules. They have been used in tens of thousands of patients over 15 years. MD Prescriptives has also created a clinically-based regenerative line of pure supplements unlike any other products on the market that support our protocols. 

At the introduction:

You will be assigned a Clinical Liaison who will arrange a series of Zoom videos and/or calls to work with you and your staff to:

  1. Facilitate the application of our 6 NEW regenerative protocols designed around the 5-point model.
  2. Utilize the physical copies of the 6 NEW regenerative protocol booklets to encourage patient compliance. 
  3. Incorporate critical Md Prescriptives Supplements into your practice. 
  4. Access Dr. Sangeeta Pati and our clinical team to assist you through tough cases and a communicative line to ask questions. 
  5. To understand and problem-solve your specific business challenges (i.e. supplement issues, patient compliance, marketing, sales, etc.).

Monthly Support Includes: 

1st Month
 2nd Month 
 3rd Month

Maintenance Phase:

As we are committed to your continued success; we offer to provide monthly follow up to: 


For More Information and To Join Please Contact:
Margaret Davis ( Clinical Liaison Support Specialist) 

Welcome to MdPrescriptives!

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